Bone Breaker

Bone Breaker

Capacity: 80-200Kg/h

Power: 5.5KW

Dimensions: 1000*700*1260mm

Weight: 300Kg

Working principle:

The material enters the crushing cavity from the feed hopper and is crushed by the impact shear of the rotating moving knife and the fixed static knife, and the ideal granules are obtained through the gap adjustment between the knives and the matching of the suitable screen.

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Product Detail

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Product advantages:
The machine is made of stainless steel, consisting of five parts: frame, feeding hopper, crushing chamber, screen frame, receiving hopper, motor, etc. It has simple structure, easy cleaning, low noise, good effect, and is the most ideal stainless steel crushing equipment at present.
Application scope:
1、This bone crusher is suitable for crushing dry bone, fresh cow bone, pig bone, sheep bone, donkey bone, and other kinds of animal bone and fish bone.
2、It is widely used in crushing hard materials such as sausage, ham, bone broth, lunch meat, meatballs, frozen food, savory flavor, bone marrow extract, bone powder, bone gum, chondroitin, bone broth, bone peptide extraction, biological products, instant noodles, puffed food, compound seasoning, catering ingredients, pet food and frozen meat.

Serial number Model number capacity (KG/h) power (KW) voltage (V) Overall dimension (mm) Feed port size (mm)
1 PG-230 30-100 4 380 1000*650*900 235*210
2 PG-300 80-250 5.5 1150*750*1150 310*230
3 PG-400 100-400 7.5 1150*850*1180 415*250
4 PG-500 200-600 11 1600*1100*1450 515*300
5 PG-600 300-900 15 1750*1250*1780 600*330
6 PG-800 500-2000 30 1800*1450*1850 830*430
7 PG-1000 1000-4000 37 1800*1650*1850 1030*480

Maintenance, maintenance instructions:
1、Start the motor towards the ventilated position to ensure that the heat of the motor work is distributed to prolong the life of the motor.
2、Check the bolts regularly, after a week of using the new machine, tighten the bolts of the moving knife to strengthen the fixity between the blade and the knife frame.
3、Rolling bearing with seat: regularly fill grease to the bearing oil nozzle to ensure the lubrication between the rolling bearing.
4、Check the moving knife regularly to ensure that the moving knife is sharp and blunt and cause unnecessary damage to other parts.
5、After use, remove the remaining internal debris to reduce the starting resistance.

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