Do you want to start a peanut butter production & sales business?


So let's start learning the operating procedures of peanut butter processing technology.

Process description:

1, raw material acceptance: there are qualified suppliers to provide raw peanuts, each batch of peanuts after admission for sensory inspection, which requires you to have a pair of eyes that can see everything, and then the moisture, impurities and other imperfect inspection, inspection can be used.

2, shucking: if the raw materials you purchase are peanuts with shells, then you need a peanut sheller to process these peanuts into peanut kernels, if the raw materials you purchase are peanut kernels, then congratulations, you can omit this step.

3. Baking: Put the qualified peanut kernels into the baking machine for baking, set the temperature of about 180-185℃, the time of about 20-25min, after baking the peanut kernels uniform color, no burnt phenomenon.

4. Cooling: Put the roasted peanut kernels into the container for cooling.

5. Peeling screening: The cooled peanut kernels are put into the peeling machine for peeling, which is to remove the red coat of the peanut kernels.

6, picking: this step can choose the color separator or manual picking, if the production scale is not large, it is recommended to choose manual. The purpose of this step is to remove foreign bodies, worm-eaten particles, mildew particles, burnt particles, impurities, etc.

7, gold exploration: to ensure that the raw materials do not contain metal impurities.

8, the selection of qualified peanut kernels into the grinder for grinding, the first rough grinding, grinding into 100 purpose of medium fineness, and then add stabilizer and other accessories, in the mixing tank, the peanut butter heated to 100-110℃ high temperature sterilization and mixing evenly, and then the second fine grinding, grinding into 200 mesh fine smooth finished products.

9, Golden probe: After cooling peanut butter products for testing, it is recommended to test every 2 hours to ensure that peanut butter does not contain any metal impurities.

10, canned: put the finished peanut butter into the designated packaging container, quantitative packaging.

Peanut butter produced according to the above process can be boxed and shipped to sales outlets.

Post time: May-06-2024