Machine for producing bacon meat- Automatic Multifunctional Frozen Meat Slicing Machine


 Today we would like to introduce you a new product-Automatic Multifunctional Frozen Meat Slicer, this machine can process large pieces of meat into slices of a certain thickness, if you want to make bacon, then this is a great machine.

Frozen meat slicer introduction

Scope of application: 

suitable for hotels, restaurants, canteens, meat processing yards and other units.

Working Principle:

Frozen meat slicer is also known as mutton slicer, mutton slicer. The working principle of the frozen meat slicer is relatively simple, that is, by using the sharp cutting surface of the slicer, the frozen meat will be sliced into a slice according to a little ratio or width,Slicing thickness is adjustable from 0-5mm..

Use specifications:

1, adjust the thickness of the meat to be cut, put the frozen meat without bones on the pallet and press the pressure plate.

2, The best cutting temperature for frozen meat is between -4~-8 degrees.

3, After turning on the power, start the knife plate first, then start the left and right swing.

4, Don't approach the blade directly with your hand when running, it is easy to cause serious injury.

5, found cutting difficulties, stop the machine to check the knife edge mouth, use the knife sharpener to sharpen the blade.

6, after the shutdown need to unplug the power supply, and hang on the fixed position of the equipment.

7Weekly need to add lubricating oil on the swing guide bar, use the knife grinder to sharpen the blade.

8, it is strictly prohibited to wash the equipment directly with water! The machine should be reliably grounded.

Precautions for use:

1. Frozen fresh meat must be thawed about -5in the freezer 2 hours in advance before slicing, otherwise it will cause the meat to be broken, cracked, broken, and the machine will not walk smoothly, or cause the motor of the slicer to be burnt out.

2. When need to adjust the thickness, need to check the positioning of the top head does not touch the baffle plate before adjusting.

3. Before cleaning, unplug the power supply, do not wash with water, only use a wet cloth to clean, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth once a day to maintain food hygiene.

4. According to the use of the situation, about a week's time need to remove the knife guard plate cleaning, cleaning with a wet cloth and then wipe dry with a dry cloth.

5. Cutting meat uneven thickness or more broken meat, you need to sharpen the knife, sharpening the blade should be cleaned first, remove the oil stains on the blade.

6. According to the use of the situation, about once a week refueling, automatic slicer each refueling need to move the bearing plate to the right side of the refueling line before refueling, semi-automatic slicer in the trip axis refueling. (Remember not to add cooking oil, must add sewing machine oil)

7. Use a cardboard box or a wooden box to close the slicer after cleaning every day to prevent rats and cockroaches from destroying the machine.

Sharpening the knife:

        The blade of an ideal sectioning knife should form a straight thin line between two flat cutting surfaces. A sharp sectioning knife will cut paraffin sections down to 2 microns and into continuous strips without compression. If the blade is thicker than the cell, it will damage the cell more than it will cut it. Therefore, knife sharpening is an essential skill that must be exercised and mastered when practicing sectioning techniques.

       There are many types of sharpening stones; natural, artificial or plate glass. Natural grinding stone: it is appropriate to carefully select the texture of pure impurities and hard ink stone, slightly soft and astringent used as a coarse grinding; hard and smooth used as a fine grinding.Industrial steel grinding stone; there are a variety of specifications and grades, uniformity of fineness, generally more than the finest steel grinding in the histology of the coarse grinding, used to grind away the heavier damage to the blade of the larger slices on the gap.

      Plate glass: cut the appropriate size for grinding stone, must be in the grinding stone surface with lead oxide and other abrasives, such as ordinary grinding stone the same way to use, the advantage is to change the different fineness of the grinding powder or grinding paste, can be used in a glass plate for coarse grinding, in the grindingor fine grindingwith.

        The size of the whetstone can vary according to the size and type of slicing knife, grinding need to add dilute lubricant, soapy water or water, oil is better, after the whetstone must be wiped off the abrasive and small metal shavings. It is best if the whetstone is fixed in a box with grooves around the whetstone to facilitate the drainage of excess oil and water. Close the lid immediately after use to prevent dirt or dust from falling on the stone. Failure to remove such dust can damage the stone and chip the blade when sharpening.

Post time: May-30-2024