Meat grinder working principle and application

Meat grinder is a machine we often use in our daily life, in the sausage processing plant, large meat grinder is the production of sausage fillings essential tools, in a large restaurant or hotel, medium-sized meat grinder is the kitchen processing meat fillings essential tools, in the family, housewives in the middle of the production of pies or other fillings, but also often use a small meat grinder. So, let's find out how this machine works.


The principle of meat grinder is:

When the meat grinder is working, due to the gravity of the material itself and the rotation of the screw feeder, the material is continuously fed to the edge of the cutter for cutting.

Because the pitch at the back of the screw feeder should be smaller than at the front, but the diameter at the back of the screw shaft is larger than at the front, this creates a certain amount of squeezing pressure on the material, forcing the cut meat out through the holes in the grill.


When used for canned luncheon meat production, fat meat needs to be coarsely ground and lean meat needs to be finely ground, and the way to switch the grating to achieve the coarse and fine grinding needs. There are several different sizes of holes in the grating, usually 8-10 mm in diameter for coarse grinding and 3-5 mm in diameter for fine grinding. Thickness of the grating for both coarse and fine stranding is 10-12mm ordinary steel plate. As the coarse stranded aperture is larger, easier to discharge, so the screw feeder speed can be faster than the fine stranded, but the maximum does not exceed 400 rpm. Generally in 200-400 rpm. Because the total area of the eyelets on the grating is certain, that is, the amount of material discharged is certain, when the speed of the feed screw is too fast, so that the material in the vicinity of the cutter is blocked, resulting in a sudden increase in the load, which has an adverse effect on the motor.

The reamer blade is installed along with the cutter transfer. Reamer made of tool steel, the knife requires sharp, after using a period of time, the knife becomes blunt, at this time should be replaced with a new blade or regrind, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency, and even make some materials are not cut and discharged, but by extrusion, grinding into a slurry discharged, directly affecting the quality of the finished product, according to the study of some factories, canned luncheon meat fat precipitation quality accidents, often associated with the cause of this reason.

After assembling or replacing the reamer, we must tighten the fastening nut in order to ensure that the grid plate does not move, otherwise due to the relative movement between the grid plate movement and reamer rotation, will also cause the role of the material grinding pulp. The reamer must be closely affixed to the grating, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency. Spiral feeder rotating in the wall, to prevent the spiral appearance and the wall touch, if a little touch, immediately damage the machine. But their gap and can not be too large, too large will affect the feeding efficiency and squeeze pressure, and even make the material from the gap backflow, so this part of the parts of the processing and installation of the higher requirements.

How to use


Before each use of the meat grinder, you have to rinse it briefly. Generally speaking, the meat grinder is cleaned in time after the last use, and the main purpose of cleaning before use is to flush out the floating dust inside and outside the machine. Another advantage is that rinsing before use will make the meat grinder easier and smoother, and will also make cleaning at the end of the work more trouble-free.


Many people like to complete the installation of the machine after each meat grinder, in fact, this method is not desirable. Ideal practice is, after each use, should be cleaned meat grinder in the form of loose parts placed in a wooden box cabinet, or wait for it to dry completely before assembling, should not be assembled immediately.

Installation first from the beginning of the assembly, the first roller into the cavity, in order to reduce wear and tear, can be in the spindle at a drop of cooking oil, and then install the knife head on the roller, pay attention to the mouth of the knife facing out. Then install the funnel to the knife head, gently shake to make the three with the machine cavity closely fit, and then install the solid nut to the outside of the funnel, pay attention to the right degree of tightness, too loose will make the meat froth from the side of the seam leakage, too tight will damage the mouth of the silk. Finally, install the handle, pay attention to the handle facing outward, align the notch and set in, and then screw on the sturdy screws.

Installation of the machine is relatively simple, the most important thing is to choose the right fixing pieces, such as larger wooden board, the bite will be aligned with the board, the edge of the board, after screwing the fastening screws. Because meat grinder is more forceful, so it is best to fix the body of the machine with a screwdriver and other tools to assist the firm a bit, in order to prevent the machine from loosening during the work process.


Real meat grating is relatively simple, because it is quite hard, so it is best to have a male operator, or two people can work together. If you are making dumpling filling, it is best to grate a large onion before you grate the meat, as this will save you a lot of effort. Wash the meat, cut it into long strips, and feed it in slowly (the more meat you feed in, the more effort it takes). At the end of the meat, you can also grind another onion, or potatoes, or other vegetables. To put it bluntly, it's a wash in disguise, and it also reduces the waste of ground meat.


Prepare clean toothbrushes, test tube brushes and other auxiliary supplies, and then unload the machine in the opposite direction, clean out the meat froth and meat pieces in the cavity, then soak the machine in warm water containing detergent, clean all the parts one by one with toothbrushes and so on, and then rinse them twice with tap water. Put it in a cool and ventilated place to control dry.

Electric meat grinder

(1) Clean the washable parts of each part before using the electric meat grinder).

(2) After assembling and energizing the machine, add the meat after the machine operates normally.

(3) Before meat grinder, please bone the meat and cut it into small pieces (thin strips), so as not to damage the machine.

(4) Turn on the machine and wait for normal operation before adding meat.

(5) Add meat must be even, not too much, so as not to affect the motor damage, if you find that the machine is not running normally, you should immediately cut off the power supply, shut down the machine and check the cause.

(6) If you find leakage, ignition and other faults, you should immediately cut off the power supply, find an electrician to repair, do not open the machine for repair.

(7) Turn off the power after use. Then clean the parts, drain the water and put it in a dry place for spare.

(8) Before use, refer to the instruction manual requirements. If you do not use it strictly according to the operating procedures, you will be responsible for the consequences of any problems.


Routine Maintenance


Refueling problem

1, the normal use of the meat grinder does not need to be re-oiled within a year;

2, meat grinder lubricant category for butter;

3, refueling hole location: the top of the body of two bolt holes behind (back to the direction of the meat grinder parts) of a bolt hole can be convenient refueling (be sure to add grease, can not be added to the liquid oil).


Meat grinder chassis part of the normal circumstances do not need to do maintenance, mainly waterproof and protect the power cord, to avoid power cord breakage and good cleaning and so on. Daily maintenance of meat grinder parts: after each use, the meat grinder tee, screw, blade hole plate, etc. to disassemble, remove the residue and then loaded back in the original order. The purpose of doing so on the one hand to ensure that the machine and processed food hygiene, on the other hand, to ensure that the meat grinder parts disassembled and assembled flexibly for easy maintenance and replacement, blade and hole plate is wearing parts, may need to be replaced after a period of use.


Post time: Jun-04-2024