What type of colloid mill is extensively utilized across diverse industries?

Basic Information

Material: Stainless steel

Other names: Mixer, mixer, dispersing machine, Emulsifying machine, shearing machine, homogenizer, grinder, colloid mill

Basic principles

The colloid mill is composed of stainless steel and semi-stainless steel colloid mill, and the basic principle is between the fixed teeth and the moving teeth by high-speed relative linkage. In addition to the motor and some parts of the colloid mill products, where the parts in contact with the material are all made of high-strength stainless steel, in particular, the key dynamic and static grinding disks are strengthened, so that they have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so that the processed materials are pollution-free and hygienic.

Advantages of colloid mill

Compared with the pressure homogenizer, colloid mill is first of all a centrifugal equipment, its advantages are simple structure, easy maintenance of equipment, suitable for higher viscosity materials and larger particles of material.

  • Structural advantages

1, internal tooth structure, small volume, low energy consumption;

2, imported stator and rotor core components using anti-corrosion anti-wear materials, service life of more than 200,000 tons.

3, the colloid mill motor is controlled by frequency converter, the current impact is small, and the speed can be adjusted according to requirements.

4, the colloid mill gap can be adjusted in the range of 0.1~5mm.

5, can make up to 20% of the polymer asphalt one-time grinding success, SBS minimum particle size up to 0.1μm, shear grinding capacity is 10 times that of ordinary colloid mill, greatly shorten the asphalt at high temperature residence time, prevent high temperature aging.

6, can shear grinding SBS, SBR, EVA, PE, waste rubber powder and rock asphalt and other modified asphalt varieties.

  • Technical advantages

1, only switch valves, pump and mill continuous operation, truly achieve uninterrupted production.

2, can be customized according to user needs processing, all models are reserved for external interfaces, can expand its functions and output, both fixed factory production can also be mobile on-site production.

3, can produce ultra-high content of modified emulsified asphalt (SBS content 4%, asphalt content 65%).

4, can produce ultra-high content of modified asphalt (SBS content 12%).

Application scope

1. Food industry: Aloe, pineapple, sesame, fruit tea, ice cream, mooncake filling, cream, jam, juice, soybean, bean paste, bean paste, peanut butter, protein milk, soy milk, dairy products, malted milk essence, flavor, various beverages, etc.

2, chemical industry: paints, pigments, dyes, coatings, lubricants, greases, diesel, petroleum catalysts, emulsified asphalt, adhesives, detergents, plastics, fiberglass, leather, emulsification, etc.

3, daily chemical: toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, high-grade cosmetics, bath essence, soap, balm, etc.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: various syrups, nutritional solutions, proprietary Chinese medicines, poultices, biological products, cod liver oil, pollen, royal jelly, vaccines, various ointments, various oral liquids, injections, intravenous drops, etc.

5, construction industry: all kinds of coatings. Including interior and exterior paint, anti-corrosion and waterproof paint, cold porcelain paint, colorful paint, ceramic glaze and so on.

6, other industries: plastic industry, textile industry, paper industry, coal flotation agent, nanomaterials and other industries high-quality environmental protection production needs.

Special precautions

1, processing materials are not allowed to be mixed with quartz sand, broken glass, metal chips and other hard substances, strictly prohibited into the colloid mill processing production.

2, start, close and boot cleaning before and after the colloid mill body must leave water or liquid materials, prohibit idling and reversal. Otherwise, improper operation will seriously damage hard mechanical components or static disk, dynamic disk or leakage and burn motor failures.

Post time: Apr-30-2024