Small and medium-sized meat grinder vertical meat grinder desktop meat grinder fresh meat frozen meat grinder for meat processing and butchery shop

Small and medium-sized meat grinder vertical meat grinder desktop meat grinder fresh meat frozen meat grinder for meat processing and butchery shop

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Product Description:
Meat grinder is a meat processing enterprises in the production process, the raw meat according to different process requirements, processing specifications varying granular meat filling, in order to fully mixed with other auxiliary materials to meet the needs of different products.
The meat grinder is a series of products; when working, the shearing effect formed by the rotating cutting knife blade and the eyelet blade on the hole plate will cut the raw meat into pieces, and under the action of the screw extrusion pressure, the raw material will be continuously discharged from the machine. According to the nature of the material and processing requirements, the corresponding knife and hole plate can be configured to process different sizes of particles to meet the next process requirements.

Working principle:
1, When working, first turn on the machine and then put the material, due to the gravity of the material itself and the rotation of the spiral feeder, the object is continuously sent to the mouth of the reamer for chopping. Because the spiral feeder pitch behind should be smaller than the front, but the diameter of the spiral shaft behind than the front, so that a certain amount of squeezing pressure on the material, this force forced the chopped meat from the hole in the grating to discharge.
2, reamer with tool steel manufacturing, knife requirements sharp, use a period of time, the knife blunt, at this time should be transferred to a new blade or re-sharpening, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency, and even make some materials are not cut and discharged, but by extrusion, grinding into a pulp after discharge, directly affecting the quality of finished products, according to some factory research, lunch meat canned fat serious precipitation of quality accidents, often related to this cause.

Model Voltage Power Yield
JR-12 220V 0.8kw 60-120kg
JR-22 220V 1.1kw 20-240kg
JR-32 220/380V 3kw 120-360kg/h
JR-42 220/380V 4kw 220-480kg/h
JR-52 380V 5.5kw 600-1200kg/h

Main functions:
Made of high quality (cast iron parts) or stainless steel, no pollution to the processed materials, in line with food hygiene standards. The tool is specially heat-treated, with superior wear resistance and long service life. The machine is simple to operate, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, wide range of processed products, the material can well maintain its original various nutrients after processing, and good preservation effect. The tool can be adjusted or replaced at will according to the actual use requirements.

Product advantages:
1, the advantages of this machine is power-saving and durable, convenient and fast, with a compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy to clean and maintain, safety and health advantages.
2, the use of fully enclosed gear transmission, compact structure, smooth operation, reliable work, and easy maintenance.
3, meat grinder head and food contact parts are made of high-grade stainless steel, safe and non-polluting; smooth lines of the casing, no gaps can hide dirt and no sharp edges that hurt the operator, easy to clean.

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