Diced Frozen Meat Cutting Machine Electric Industry Beef Dicing Machine

Diced Frozen Meat Cutting Machine Electric Industry Beef Dicing Machine

Product Features: sliced shredded diced

Food grade conveyor belt

Stainless steel material

Power: 3000W

Output: 200-500kg/h

Tank size: 85*85*400

Product Weight: 270kg

Product Size: 1480*800*980mm

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Product description:
The overall use of stainless steel material processing and production, good safety and protection, easy disassembly of cutting parts, cutting frozen diced meat machine is easy to clean, grid knife, cutting thickness can be adjusted by hydraulic self-adjustment to meet the needs of different thickness; multi-functional cutting frozen diced meat machine pre-pressure design, to ensure that the cut out of the meat pieces of uniform. Diced pork machine oversized feed bin, with feeding product locking device, large frozen meat dicing machine, special hydraulic power system, cutting more powerful, special grid blade, strong penetration, continuous processing of meat without sticking, multi-functional diced frozen meat machine S-type chopper cutting sharp, diced frozen meat machine, smooth cross-section, beautiful appearance, frozen meat dicing machine can be minus 3-4 The frozen meat dicing machine can cut the frozen meat into diced meat at a time.

Product structure features:
1. It consists of frame, housing of cutting material, button, tool assembly, transmission system and electrical control system.
2. The choice of manufacturing materials must meet the food hygiene requirements, and the frame, housing, dial, hopper and food contact parts are made of stainless steel.

Working principle:
The dial drives the cut object to rotate at high speed, using the centrifugal force of the object, with the help of the vertical knife will be cut into blocks, and then cut into strips through the disc cutting knife, the material to be cut into the transverse cutting edge, transverse cutting knife cut into the desired cube or rectangle.
Our meat cutting machine is compact, with optimized health design, housing, cutting knife grill are made of stainless steel, cutting knife with double-edged cutting, high efficiency.
Note: The raw meat processed by this machine must be in a slightly frozen state.

Model number power capacity weight Groove size Overall dimension
(kw) (KG/h) (KG) (mm) (mm)
350 3 200-500 270 85*85*400 1480*800*980
550 3 200-900 350 132*132*600 1940*980*1100

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