Fresh Meat Dicing Machine

Fresh Meat Dicing Machine

Product Features: sliced shredded diced

Food grade conveyor belt

Stainless steel material

Power: 1500W

Voltage: 380V

Output: 600kg/h

Product Weight: 150kg

Product Size: 110*57*80cm

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Product description:
This is a high-quality meat slicer designed for precise, even cuts of frozen meat with ease. Made of high-grade stainless steel, it provides good safety protection and ensures easy disassembly for cleaning. The dicing machine comes with a grid knife, which can be hydraulically adjusted to meet the needs of different thicknesses, and the pre-press design ensures that all meat pieces are even. It has an extra-large feeding bin with a feeding product locking device, and its special hydraulic power system cutting is more powerful than similar machines.

Working standards:
The working principle of this machine is to drive the object to be cut to rotate at a high speed, and use the centrifugal force of the vertical knife to assist the product to cut it into blocks. The sliced ​​blocks are then cut into strips by using a disc cutter designed to cut the material into transversely cut edges. The cross cutter cuts the frozen meat into desired shapes, either cubes or rectangles.

Product Structure Features:
The meat cutting machine is composed of a frame, a cutting shell, a button, a knife assembly, a transmission system, and an electrical control system. In order to ensure compliance with food hygiene requirements, the manufacturing materials of the frame, shell, dial, hopper, and food-contact parts are all made of high-quality stainless steel. The cutter grille is also made of stainless steel, with a double-edged cutting design to ensure high efficiency. The whole machine has a compact structure and optimizes the health design.

Note: For best performance, it is recommended that raw meats processed on this machine be kept slightly chilled.

Model number power capacity weight Groove size Overall dimension
(kw) (KG/h) (KG) (mm) (mm)
350 3 200-500 270 85*85*400 1480*800*980
550 3 200-900 350 132*132*600 1940*980*1100

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