High Efficient big capacity industrial automatic vacuum heavy horizontal vacuum pasta noodle bread dough mixer industrial mixer for bakery

High Efficient big capacity industrial automatic vacuum heavy horizontal vacuum pasta noodle bread dough mixer industrial mixer for bakery

Type: 25Kg once time

50kg once time

The tipping bucket automatically discharges at 90 degrees.

Once every 5-6 minutes in summer, and once every 7-8 minutes in winter.

Power:Main motor 7.5KW  Auxiliary motor 1.5KW

Dimensions: 1630*920*1760mm

Weight: 380Kg

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Product Description:
It is mainly applicable to the processing of various kinds of noodle products. According to the characteristics of wheat flour used in noodle products, different forms of pulp leaves can be selected to achieve different mixing effects. The plate type pulp leaf vacuum dough mixing machine simulates the principle of manual dough mixing under vacuum state, which makes the gluten network form quickly and makes the protein structure balanced, so that the tenderness, bite and tensile strength of the dough are far better than the dough mixing effect of other forms of dough mixing machines. The processed noodles have smooth texture, high transparency and good elasticity. The vacuum noodle machine is easy to operate and suitable for various production requirements. The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel material, in line with the current food hygiene standards.

Performance characteristics:
1、Adopt the world's leading vacuum and noodle technology, because of the negative pressure kept inside the noodle machine, avoiding the flour from heating, so that the flour and salt water can be fully and evenly mixed at low temperature, adding water up to more than 46%, increasing the strength of the gluten, making the noodles more elastic and sinewy.
2、With unique structure, the seals and bearings are more convenient and easy to replace.
3、The mixing process under vacuum negative pressure, so that the protein in the flour in the shortest time, the most fully absorbed water, the formation of the best gluten network, smooth dough, so that the dough toughness and bite are the best state. The dough is slightly yellow, and the cooked thin dough strips (strips) are translucent.
4、The draught rate is very high or very low, the vacuum dough machine can be normal and dough when the draught rate is 20% to 55%, which is incomparable to the ordinary dough machine.
5、Simple cleaning, only 10 minutes to complete the process of different products conversion;
6、All use stainless steel material manufacturing, very clean


Machine type:
Vacuum pasta machine, small vacuum pasta machine, smallest vacuum pasta machine, vacuum pasta machine for laboratory experiment, low noise vacuum pasta machine, vacuum mixer, vacuum flour mixer, vacuum pasta mixer, vacuum blending machine, etc.
5kg to 150kg are available.
The vacuum degree is commonly labeled as
≤-0.07(Mpa) to 0.09Mpa The level of vacuum degree determines the quality of pasta products.
The pressure of vacuum and pasta machine for laboratory experiments can reach -0.1Mpa.
Functions of small vacuum pasta machine and laboratory vacuum pasta machine:
The vacuum level can be adjusted, the mixing speed can be adjusted, and the mixing condition can be observed in all directions under vacuum.

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