Hydraulic Sausage Enema Machine

Hydraulic Sausage Enema Machine

Dimensions: 1100*670*1700mm
Feeding port diameter 630mm
Motor power: 1.5kw
Tank capacity: 50 liters
Working principle:
Hydraulic enema machine is a piston hydraulic drive, the use of hydraulic station as power source, promote the hydraulic cylinder work, adjust the working pressure under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the material in the storage cylinder to produce pressure after extrusion, through the enema tube to the casing to achieve the purpose of continuous enema. It can be fine, coarse or ground material through different diameter filling nozzle into the casing, so as to produce sausage, sausage, black sausage and other meat food.

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Product advantages:
1, the use of food grade stainless steel material, reliable and durable quality, easy to clean, in line with the requirements of food safety.
2, the piston type hydraulic drive, adjust the working pressure under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the material in the cylinder pressure will be extruded, suitable for a wide range of materials, especially for the dry material filling, relative to other equipment efficiency is better.
3, the overall structure of the equipment is reasonable, beautiful shape, stable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

Scope of application:
In recent years, with the improvement of people's material living standard, Taiwan baked sausage, table baked sausage, crispy sausage, breakfast sausage, chicken sausage, European baked sausage, Chinese sausage and so on are very popular among people. The proliferation of restaurants and restaurants and the universalization of people dining out directly drive the relevant demand. All these provide valuable development opportunities for the sausage machine industry, showing a broad market prospect, and the sales also gradually show a stable growth trend.


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