High Speed Automatic pouch Powder particle paste sauce packaging machine sachet filling and sealing machine

High Speed Automatic pouch Powder particle paste sauce packaging machine sachet filling and sealing machine

Product Description:

The emergence of automatic bag packaging machine replaces manual packaging, improves production efficiency and packaging accuracy, reduces labor costs, improves the working environment and realizes packaging automation. This packaging equipment can be used for automatic packaging of liquid, powder, solid, granular and other forms of materials, and is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

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Application advantages:
1, High efficiency: automatic packaging machine packaging can effectively perform all the processing of supply, measurement verification, bag sealing, replication time and product output. Automatic packaging machine measurement verification is highly accurate, efficient and fast, saving raw material, labor cost costs;
2, Reduced labor efficiency: automatic packaging machines replace manual packaging, freeing employees from tedious work;
3, Environmental protection and environmental protection: in general, good service automatic packaging machine has automatic identification function. As a result, these unpacked products can be intelligently screened and repacked to improve compliance rates. In addition to reducing consumption, the large amount of wasted raw materials contributes to maintenance and production operations, thereby significantly reducing product costs;
4, Health and Safety: Manual packaging does not prevent human contact with products produced for manual engagement. This can cause environmental contamination of the product, thus failing to ensure manufacturing quality. Automatic packaging machines reduce fungal infections at the packaging stage and ensure the reliability of the company without the need for human intervention, from the prediction to the automatic production of the finished product.

Scope of application:
Bag automatic packaging machine is suitable for the automatic packaging of liquid, powder, solid, granular and other forms of materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, pesticide, feed, spices and other industries.

Structural features:
1, the transmission system and packaging machine have a high degree of automation, is an automatic machine, there are many executive parts, the need to adjust the various executive parts to complete the packaging process;
2, the transmission mechanism with a fixed transmission ratio, i.e., a transmission mechanism with a fixed transmission ratio. Gears, belts, chains, worm gear pairs, couplings and other transmission mechanisms can be used to transfer the power and motion output from the power source to the relevant actuator according to certain requirements;;
3, variable speed devices, variable speed devices include gear shift mechanism, mechanical stepless variable speed mechanism, hydraulic stepless variable speed device, multi-speed motor, etc. The packaging machine using stepless transmission;
4, motion converters, linkage mechanisms, cam mechanisms, pulley mechanisms, rack and pinion, nuts and other devices that ensure the desired law of motion of the actuator;
5, operation control devices, which include various control devices, components and parts required to operate the start, stop, clutch, brake, speed regulation, commutation and automatic control operations according to a prescribed program. By various methods and approaches to change the state and parameters of the transmission system;
6, lubrication and sealing devices to ensure the normal operation of the transmission system, to prevent oil and water leakage, pollution of the packaging, packaging materials, the environment, and to extend the service life.

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