Overview of commonly used machinery for meat processing

1. Meat grinder
A meat grinder is a machine for mincing meat that has been cut into pieces. It is an essential machine for sausage processing. The meat extracted from the meat grinder can eliminate the defects of different types of raw meat, different softness and hardness, and different thickness of muscle fibers, so that the sausage raw materials are uniform and the important measures to ensure the quality of its products.
The structure of the meat grinder is composed of screw, knife, hole plate (sieve plate), and generally uses a 3-stage meat grinder. The so-called 3 stage refers to the meat through three holes with different apertured plates, and two sets of knives are installed between the three holes. Generally used meat grinder is: the diameter is 130mm screw speed is 150~500r/min, the processing amount of meat is 20~600kg/h. Before operation, pay attention to check: the machine should not be loose and gaps, the hole plate and the knife installation position is suitable, and the rotation speed is stable. The most important thing to pay attention to is to avoid raising the temperature of the meat due to friction heat and squeezing the meat into a paste due to dull knives.


2. Chopping machine
Chopping machine is one of the indispensable machines for sausage processing. There are small chopping machines with a capacity of 20kg to large chopping machines with a capacity of 500kg, and those that are chopping under vacuum conditions are called vacuum chopping machines.
Chopping process has a great impact on the control of product adhesion, so it requires skilled operation. That is to say, chopping is to use the meat grinder to ground the meat and then further chopped, from the composition of the meat to make the adhesive components precipitation, the meat and meat stick up. Therefore, the knife of the chopper must be kept sharp. The structure of the chopping machine is: the turntable rotates at a certain speed, and the chopping knife (3 to 8 pieces) with a right Angle on the plate rotates at a certain speed. There are many kinds of chopping machines, and the knife speed is different, from the ultra-low speed chopping machine of hundreds of revolutions per minute to the ultra-high speed chopping machine of 5000r/min, which can be selected according to needs. Chopping is the process of chopping meat while adding seasonings, spices and other additives and mixing them evenly. But the rotation speed, chopping time, raw materials, etc., chopping results are also different, so pay attention to the amount of ice and fat added to ensure the quality of chopping.


3. Enema machine

The enema machine is used to fill meat filling into casings, which is divided into three forms: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric enema. According to whether it is vacuumed, whether it is quantitative, it can be divided into vacuum quantitative enema, non-vacuum quantitative enema and general enema. In addition, there is a vacuum continuous filling quantitative ligation machine, from filling to ligation are carried out continuously, which can greatly improve the production capacity.

Pneumatic enema is driven by air pressure, there is a small hole in the upper part of the circular cylinder, where the nozzle for filling is installed, and the piston driven by compressed air is used in the lower part of the cylinder, and the piston is pushed through the air pressure to squeeze out the meat filling and fill the casing. In addition, with the continuous increase in the types of casings, especially the development of new varieties of artificial casings, the types of enema machines supporting them are also increasing. For example, the use of cellulose casings, filling operation is very simple, no human hands can be automatically filled, per hour can fill 1400~1600kg Frankfurt sausage and pen sausage, etc.

4.Saline injection machine

In the past, the curing method was often dry curing (rub the curing agent on the surface of the meat) and wet curing method (put into the curing solution), but the curing agent took a certain time to penetrate the central part of the meat, and the penetration of the curing agent was very uneven.
In order to solve the above problems, the curing solution is injected into the raw meat, which not only shorens the curing time, but also makes the curing preparation evenly distributed. The structure of the brine injection machine is: the pickling liquid into the storage tank, the pickling liquid into the injection needle by pressurizing the storage tank, the raw meat is transmitted with stainless steel conveyor belt, there are dozens of injection needles in the upper part, through the up and down movement of the injection needle (up and down movement per minute 5 ~ 120 times), the pickling liquid quantitative, uniform and continuous injection into the raw meat.

5, rolling machine
There are two kinds of rolling kneading machines: one is Tumbler, and the other is Massag machine.
Drum roll kneading machine: its shape is a lying drum, the drum is equipped with the meat that needs to be rolled after saline injection, because the drum rotates, the meat turns up and down in the drum, so that the meat hits each other, so as to achieve the purpose of massage. Stirring roller kneading machine: This machine is similar to a mixer, the shape is also cylindrical, but can not be rotated, the barrel is equipped with a rotating blade, through the blade stirring meat, so that the meat in the barrel rolling up and down, friction with each other and become relaxed. The combination of rolling kneading machine and saline injection machine can accelerate the penetration of saline injection in meat. Shorten the curing time and make the curing even. At the same time, rolling and kneading can also extract salt-soluble protein to increase adhesion, improve the slicing properties of products, and increase water retention.

6. Blender
A machine for mixing and mixing mincemeat, spices and other additives. In the production of compressed ham, it is used to mix meat pieces and thicken meat (minced meat), and in the production of sausage, it is used to mix raw meat fillings and additives. In order to remove the air bubbles in the meat filling when mixing, we often use a vacuum mixer.

7, frozen meat chopping machine
Frozen meat chopping machine is specially used for cutting frozen meat. Because the machine can cut the frozen meat into the required size, it is both economic and sanitary, and is welcomed by users.

8. Dicing machine
For cutting meat, fish or pig fat machine, the machine can cut 4 ~ 100mm size of the square, especially in the production of dry sausage, it is commonly used to cut fat pig diced.

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