Chicken Marinating Machine/vacuum Meat Tumbler/ Beef Jerky Marinate Equipment for food shops

Chicken Marinating Machine/vacuum Meat Tumbler/ Beef Jerky Marinate Equipment for food shops

Vacuum tumbler is the main processing equipment used by food manufacturers to produce meat products and low-temperature ham. Its purpose is to oxidize a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids in unsaturated fatty acids under the action of oxygen, so that the food tastes and deteriorates. In addition, The oxidized and tenderized raw meat is kneaded, pressed and marinated, and mixed evenly with auxiliary materials and additives in a vacuum state (note: the meat material is in a state of expansion in a vacuum state).

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Used for processing meat, such as beef, mutton, chicken, duck, goose, pork, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc. It maximizes seasoning and retains the moisture in the meat
It is applicable to the processing of ham, sausage, beef and mutton products and other meat products. By rolling, the pickle can be absorbed, with strong meat binding force, strong section bearing force, good water retention, and more fresh and tender taste.


1. Full automatic vacuum rolling machine adopts round head, with more reasonable structure, large rolling space, fine polishing inside the drum, no sanitary dead angle, and discharge device can discharge.
2. The paddle arc design makes the marinade evenly distributed, and does not cause damage to the marinade. The tenderness and appearance of the product are improved. Increase water retention type and frequency
3. With waterproof computer control, customers can set the rolling machine to automatically rotate forward, intermittently, vent and vacuum according to their own processing technology.
4. The total rolling time, intermittent rolling time and vacuum rolling time are set so that the equipment can realize the full automation and automatic breathing function of the vacuum rolling machine.
5. The frequency conversion function can be added according to the user's needs, so that the rolling speed can be adjusted freely according to the process. It has the functions of continuous, intermittent rolling, reverse rolling discharging, etc.

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